Living the dream….

So here’s a little about my blog. It’s simple although nothing is truly simple about how complex I make my life. Here goes. The purpose of my blog is:

  • to entertain and educate parents, friends, childcare providers, nanny employers, current nannies, and really anyone who gives a crap about what it is like to be me, Nanny Lynne
  • to actually provide useful information through memoir-y chronicles, actual factual information based upon my education, recent research/reads, etc. , and ultimately a bit of humor

Please remember that these are my humble (and not so humble, let’s be honest friends) opinions, thoughts, experiences, and perceptions.

The truth is that my job is kind of funny. Different families bring all sorts of different learning experiences and opportunities to my proverbial family dinner table.  Taking care of children is one of the most important lines of work. I love my job. I also do not know how parents do it 24/7. really…give up my precious freedom and sleep? I will totally pass on that for now.  Choosing to have a partner would be enough for me to give up part of myself and sacrifice all of my selfish needs.

When a family hires and works with childcare providers it is essential to truly connect with one another. It also is extremely helpful to have a similar philosophy of caring for a child and supporting how children learn.  Ultimately, there is truly a humorous edge on every day that I am employed in this very interesting profession. I struggle with the idea of whether or not it is a profession? I always considered this work to be more interim, temp or on-call work. However, I have realized in the last year that whether I am a short-term or long-term nanny, it can be a “profession” in which you actually have some freedom on choosing the types of benefits you would like. The fact is that being part of someone’s family and getting paid for it is kind of nice. It’s like you are getting paid to be a friend, except that is weird. Soooo bad analogy. Every profession and job within that profession has its ups and downs and its own sense of complete lunacy and wackiness at it’s very core.

Today for example..and actually many other days before today, I have pondered the idea of a nanny blog. I love the idea of a communication notebook of sorts. However, some people take it to the next level. Working for two engineers allows me to realize that some families are…uptight, anal, type A personality than others. I roll with it… but I am not going to lie! I have fun. Since my Type A tends to come out daily, maybe there is a part of me that actual relates? I am pretty uptight at times and truly anal in particular situations.

I have a log that I fill out everyday. My next entry will discuss this. I will also share how I determine and record the level of urine is in every diaper change I do and how I am expected to rate it from level 1 (almost dry) to level 3 (very wet).  So until next time, hang tight and prepare to be concerned, amused, skeptical, and aggravated. Every day is a culmination of one mystery after another.


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