DON’T MAKE YOUR NANNY SWIFFER THE STAIRS and other do’s and don’ts

If you have a nanny or are thinking of getting one…here are a few personal cardinal rules for you keep in mind. This is only my opinion so please take it with a grain of salt!


  • Have clear expectations and a contract written out where both parties agree on the terms
  • Have chocolate in the house at all’s a necessity, not a luxury
  • Put away your thongs and other items that are in no way necessary for me to see unless you ask that I do your laundry, which I truly do not mind doing; then we can have a mutual agreement that your undies are ok for viewing.
  • Allow your nanny to take your child(ren) outside for fresh air, to the park, library, play dates, etc.
  • Appreciate the fact that nannies need breaks too, so it is inappropriate to calculate an EXACT percentage rate detailing what percentage of my time is spent caring for your child, doing chores not relative to the child’s needs, and how much break time your nanny should have; please know that I will provide the best possible love and care for your child, but breaks are very helpful throughout the day.
  • Brush your cats and dogs once in a while so that the child and I could be mistaken for unleashed animals when we leave the house
  • Have a separate office if you decide to work form home as it is very awkward when the “office”, living room, kitchen and dining room are all open concept and we are all sitting in the same room in silence expect for my random kid song out bursts that are nonetheless awful. Go the nanny cam route if you are that concerned.


  • Leave out your self-help for marital problems books (awkward!)
  • Give chores, such as checking on cat water, swiffering the stairs to your bedroom, taking out the garbage and recycling, and filling and emptying your dirty dishes) unless that is part of the arrangement ahead of time.
  • Make your nanny rate your child’s diapers on a scale of 1-3 according to how much pee has accumulated in any given diaper
  • Send 40 page emails with charts, numbers, flow charts, power points and diagrams
  • Forget your nanny is a human being

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