Nanny Blurbs

I have been feeling a little distant from my blog. I have an urge to reconnect with all that is in my mind each day regarding my career, my life, my life calling.  I hope you will join me in this endeavor!

I have recently left the family that I was working with. I soon began working for another family. This family has become a sort of muse for me. This family is truly amazing and has given me some inspiration, self-confidence, and desire to be the best nanny I can be. Don’t get me wrong. I have always been inspired and passionate about caring for children, especially since I have decided to forgo birthing and raising my own! Way too much pain and lack of precious sleep. I have a hard enough time carrying around my own excess weight never mind caring for a 15 pound ever-growing infant! I digress….

I love my job. I am sometimes bored as adult interaction is often scarce. I daydream endlessly while the baby sleeps and I putter around making baby food, petting the kitties, and cleaning up teethers, pop-up toys, balls, and crumbs of food.  Ultimately, though, I love watching an infant grown into a toddler and in turn, a toddler emerging into his/her own personal little being. I love “being my own boss.” Not exactly my own boss, but I do work for myself and have a bit more flexibility in seeking what I desire from my work experience. I allow myself to work on other part-time endeavors and gigs. I make ultimately make my own schedule, choosing which hours/times/days I am willing to work.

I am fortunate to find a family where our mutual values and morals meet and mesh beautifully. I feel important and valued. I am trusted and loved. This ultimately is worth more than any kind of salary. I am in no way negating the value of working for enough of a salary to maintain my cost of living; however, I have been blessed with choice. I have actually been even more blessed with my knowledge that I can make choices based on my goals, interests, needs, and desire for career fulfillment. 

Do I want childcare to be my ultimate career choice? I would say no, although, I have other beliefs regarding the ideals of the notion of career. I believe that it is not necessary for one to choose ONE, lonely, single career for life. That is so 1975.This notion does not take into account that people grow, develop into different types of people… I believe that as a human being I have many loves, interests, hobbies, etc. I am constantly seeking to fulfill my thirst for knowledge and learning to skills. I could spend my entire life at bookstores, libraries, poetry readings, and seminars.

At this point in my life, in my career, I am choosing to essentially help a family care for, teach, and love their most precious, little peanut. For me, that makes me feel whole. My passion has allowed me to ponder and think outside of the “blog text box.” I am pondering and researching the idea of publishing E-books based upon my experiences, knowledge, and ideas. I would love to share what I have come to learn as a result of earning my Bachelors and two Master’s degrees as well as my work with all age groups from early infancy through high-school aged. In this blog, however, I plan on keeping my ideas and writing based upon early childhood teaching and nanny experiences. I  hope you will help me create a following and support my endeavors. I also welcome ideas, thoughts, constructive criticisms, etc. I value different opinions, ideals, and perspectives.

Sharing, learning, teaching: values that I am currently living by. I hope to transmit true hope and insight on the passion of work and childcare, in particular. Please grab that hope and follow your dreams, too!

3 thoughts on “Nanny Blurbs

  1. Hello there! Thank you so much for stopping by and linking up (I knew you could do it!) It sounds like you have an awesome situation going for ya, nice work! Being a nanny is great, but I agree about the lack of adult conversation! Sometimes I find myself talking to myself when all is quiet and babies are sleeping. How else can I organize my crazy thoughts?


      • Don’t even get me STARTED on songs being stuck in my head! It’s just a vicious cycle of WHICH song it happens to be, not if there’s one Im singing.


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