11 New, Interesting Adult Uses for Random Baby Things

I have keenly noticed that many baby and children’s items are actually very useful to adults. Not because they are such wonderful inventions to make childcare and parenting easier, either, but because they add convenience to our crazy, busy lives. Even if you are not a parent, they are practical and fun. And before all the fresh people start thing that I mean pacifiers, diapers and swaddle blankets, read along…I mean.. unless that’s your “thing;” however, then I think you may be looking for a different type of blog!

1. The Boppy — This is not only wonderful when holding/feeding a baby to prevent backache or for general support. The boppy can be used as a mini computer “desk” support for your small laptop or tablet. This is handy when you are watching TV, for example! I am using one right now actually!

2. The Bottle Brush–We all have random cups, vases, and such that we need to clean more efficiently. I thought of this idea one day when one of my plastic water bottles could not be cleaned to my Type A personality liking. I perish the thought of black-lighting them! The mouth of the bottle is too small and the “sippy” part is difficult to clean by hand when you do not have a dishwasher, like myself. I know, it’s 2013 and I don’t have a dishwasher; however, this is one of my favorite, unbreakable (even by me!) bottles. I bought a baby brush (Dollar Tree people! We are not talking about a huge investment!). I can now scrub the crap out of the inside and use the nipple brush to clean the sippy part!

3. Toddler Wipes–This are wonderful because they are flushable, unlike actual baby wipes! Also, if you buy the store brand or scout around you can find deals that are so much better than the Charmin Flushables. The main difference is that the toddler ones are a bit smaller. They work just the same. They smell good and usually have aloe in them. Who doesn’t want the freshest smelling and feeling bum.

4. Baby Powder–This is pretty obvious, but since my bathroom looks similar to a flour tsunami as a result of my liberal daily usage, I must add this to the list. Unless you are Kate Moss, you likely have small crevices you would like to keep dry! Let’s just talk like adults here. Also, there’s nothing like not having to worry about chafing or SWASS when you are strolling around the neighborhood on a hot, humid day pushing a 25lb or larger baby or kiddo! Use before and after!

5. Baby Spoons/Bowls–All I can say about this is: Portion Control!

6. Baby Shampoo/Wash–I use this for not only cleaning my nethers (let’s face it, it’s gentle, non-perfumy, and if you can wash a baby body with it, then you can venture other sensitive territories!). My other use is for my ear piercings. I use it to gently swish around my “non-traditional” ear piercings and swish under hot water. It does a great job of gently cleaning out the area.

7. Baby Lotions/Creams–These are also obvious, but for me I love the smells of lavender, calendula, shea butter, cocoa butter, etc. So many of the all natural and organic baby products are made especially for baby so they are gentle and smell yums! Two of my favorites are Burts Bees and California Baby! Who doesn’t love sniffing a recently bathed and lotioned baby!

8. Diaper Bags–I’m not talking about the bags that truly look like diaper bags! I would not want you to look like a total creeper! But there are some fun bags that you could totally get away with wearing, especially if you are the “need the biggest bag in the world to carry every item you think you may need at any given time” type. I am definitely that type.

9. Old, stained baby clothing–If you are crafty, you can cut pieces of these items (the non-stained portions) and make a little patchwork item. You can use the pieces to collage, sew, etc. You can make really sentimental keepsakes for the baby in your life! Or you could cut them into little baby napkins, wipes.

10. Baby food squeeze pouches–These are great to add to salads, sauces, marinades, etc. You can buy organic and creatively mix up the flavors and textures of everyday foods! No need to worry about additives and fat content! They are fruits and veggies! If you choose to use the jar baby food, make sure to recycle them into little containers for paper clips, staples, thumbtacks, etc.

11.Burp cloths–If you are a tree hugger, hippie (or attain to just save the world one paper towel at a time), you can use these for wiping spills, napkins, washing dishes, etc. Many times parents can get tons of free ones from hospitals!

These are ideas that I came up with, although some have most likely already been thought of! Please know that I am aware of this. I hope this provides some entertainment and realistic re-purposing of items that may even be in your house anyway. Don’t forget to look for coupons, samples, freebies for these items. Even if you are not a parent, you can definitely be on mailing lists for these types of things. Also, think thrift shops, wholesale clubs (powder in bulk really helps me maintain my habit!), dollar stores, ebates, craigslist, and freecycle!

Have fun! I hope you all have a softer tooshie, less chafing, and cleaner water bottles!


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