And I’m Still a Nanny….

Sometimes I miss it. Being a nanny full-time has its perks. For example, every time my 40 year old biological clock starts ticking, I know where to take it so it is successfully run down by Mack Truck! I find a baby to sniff, care for, and love. I have moved on from nannying full-time but have definitely allowed myself to care for the little ones in my life, work on-call sitting gigs, and I recently did a stint as an Assistant Director of a Goddard School. I loved when I was an infant teacher. Ultimately, I still consider myself a nanny because I have not unlearned the skills of being a nanny. I still love children and their snoogery hugs and I love getting a cheerio or two stuck in my cleavage as I believe it is a sign of a successful day. I am fascinated by parents and how they raise their children in such an uncertain, a little insane world. I also admire them and realize that I actually surround myself with families who are kind and raise their children with integrity and respect. That makes me happy. I have decided to continue along with this blog as well for a few reasons. First of all, watching (and being part of) an infant’s life and growth is fascinating and I have, over the past several years, seen many of them turn into smart, sarcastic, and loving little people! Second, I have learned so much from nannying and honestly,despite not being a parent, I have spent more times on particular weeks with a child than the parents had been able to at the time. You can take a girl out of the nanny gig, but you can’t take the nanny out of the girl. Third, infant, toddler, child development is amazing and I am constantly continuing to educate myself in the field of education, infant brain development, etc. My passion lives on as do my endless array of families that I still remain in contact with, new families that I meet, and future families I Have yet to be a part of. I am still an auntie, a teacher, an artist, a hippie with artistic passion and drive who wishes to be part of the change that I wish to see. Ultimately, I will always be a nanny because little ones bring a hearty amount of serotonin and healing and love into my world and I plan to continue to allow it in.



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